Welcome to the website for the Armunda Hancock Gospel TV Network.

Armunda Hancock, a native of Connecticut, proudly lends his talents to the North Carolina area. He is a member of the North Carolina Announcer's Guild and the Gospel Music Workshop of America. He has worked with Vicki Wynans, Kurt Franklin, Jonathan Dubose, Denver Wright, Keith "The Wonder Boy" Johnson, Slim & the Supreme Angels, and many more gospel artists all across the country.

His gospel show, Armunda Hancock Gospel emerged on the screen in 1994 on WCD-TV 67 in Sanford, North Carolina. Since then, it has moved on to WBF-TV 46, WKFT-40, and now, WLFL 22 (The CW Network). With this series of wake-up morning shows, Monday-Friday at 5 AM, the Armunda Hancock Gospel TV Network reaches people in hundreds of cities across North Carolina each week.

Armunda adds unique interviewing techniques, inciteful commentaries, stimulating presentation, and astounding delivery to create a powerful promotional tool for concerts, stage plays, and worldwide conferences. See the TV Schedule for more information about the programs available or see how your company or organization can market with AHG.

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