The Armunda Hancock Gospel TV Network can create opportunities with
dynamic results for our marketing partners. The network reaches an extremely large audience and can focus on a precisely defined segment of the population. This show reaches throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Connecticut. Reaching a vast number of people via the network can be more cost effective than traditional advertising mediums.

The Armunda Hancock Gospel TV Network can showcase your product or service through television, as well as on-site advertising at various gospel conventions, concerts, and college sports events. The additional reward of having your advertisments at such functions, which receive national coverage, is that they often become pre-recorded segments and pilots for the show, which increase the visibility of your product or service to a national audience.

Armunda Hancock's Gospel TV Network has shown consistent growth since 1994 and has eclipsed ratings of such national television shows as Sally Jesse Raphael, Joyce Meter, Creflo Dollar and America's Funniest Home Videos. We expect continued growth and would love to have you come beside us as a marketing partner. If you are interested in marketing with the Armunda Hancock Gospel TV Network, contact Armunda Hancock at (910) 476-5506.

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