WLFL 22 (The CW) - Raleigh, NC
Show NameDayTime
Great Expectations: Bishop Charles Mellette Monday5 AM
Pastor Cornelius WilliamsTuesday5 AM
Gospel Lighthouse: Apostle R.J. White Wednesday5 AM
Dr. Gail Dickens Thursday5 AM
Armunda Hancock GospelFriday5 AM

WBF-TV 46 - Sanford, NC
Show NameDayTime
Armunda Hancock GospelSunday8:30 AM
Armunda Hancock GospelSunday8:30 PM

WRPX/WFPX 62 (ION) - RDU & Fayetteville, NC
Show NameDayTime
Great ExpectationsTuesday10 AM

Cable Channel 77 (The Sound View) - Bridgeport, CT
Show NameDayTime
Armunda Hancock GospelWednesday10 PM
Armunda Hancock GospelThursday7:30 PM
The Sound View streams their programs online at http://www.soundviewtv.org/, so make sure to watch at the times above.

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